Dessert First - Bay Street

Bay Street Shop Photo

350 Bay Street, Ottawa

Tel: (613) 219-0902


  • Wednesday - Saturday: 8am - 5pm

  • Sunday: 9am: - 5pm

At Dessert First, we have a boutique philosophy. We are not just a small store, we produce everything in small batches and only use the best quality ingredients to ensure our end-product is exceptional. Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible and we make everything from scratch, even our graham crackers, and vanilla syrup. To minimize our environmental impact, we use biodegradable products and have a no waste philosophy.

We have delicious desserts, cakes, beverages and the best of all, all day breakfast sandwiches. The English muffins are made in house and we serve it with only the best quality ingredients. Please come and see for yourself.