Work and Study Policy

1. Introduction:
This policy governs the use of Dessert First premises for work and study purposes. Our café aims to provide a conducive environment for individuals to focus on their tasks while enjoying our services, including brunch offerings.

2. Conduct:
a. Loud conversations, disruptive behavior, or activities that disturb other patrons are not permitted.
c. Customers are encouraged to use headphones when listening to audio content to minimize noise disturbance.
d. Personal phone calls should be conducted discreetly and at a low volume.

3. Time Limitations:
a. Customers are welcome to work and study for up to 90 minutes during operating hours, except during peak brunch periods.
b. Peak brunch periods are defined as Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm.
c. During peak brunch periods, work and study activities are not permitted to ensure an optimal dining experience for all patrons.
d. Outside of peak brunch periods, customers may request extended time for work or study purposes. Approval for extended time must be obtained from café management.

4. Purchase Requirement:
While using our café, patrons are required to make a purchase from the café.

4. Workspace Etiquette:
a. Customers should keep their workspaces clean and tidy, and dispose of any trash in designated bins.
b. Personal belongings should not obstruct walkways or impede the movement of other patrons. Please do not use additional tables and chairs for personal belongings. A coat rack is available near the washrooms.
c. Customers are responsible for their belongings and should not leave them unattended.

5. Enforcement:
Staff members reserve the right to enforce this policy to ensure a positive experience for all patrons.

6. Changes to Policy:
Dessert First reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.
WiFi Usage Policy

1. Introduction:
This policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for the use of the WiFi network provided by Dessert First to its patrons. The primary purpose of our WiFi service is to enhance the customer experience while visiting our café.

2. Access:
a. The WiFi network is provided free of charge to customers of Dessert First.
b. Access to the WiFi network is granted on the condition that users comply with this policy.
c. Dessert First reserves the right to limit or revoke access to the WiFi network at any time, without prior notice or explanation.

3. Acceptable Use:
a. The WiFi network is to be used for lawful purposes only. Users must not engage in any illegal activities while connected to the network.
b. Users must not engage in any activity that may cause harm to the network or interfere with its operation.
c. Bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming high-definition video or large file downloads should be limited to ensure fair access for all users.
d. Users are responsible for ensuring the security of their devices while connected to the WiFi network. Dessert first is not liable for any data breaches or security incidents that occur as a result of using the network.
e. The WiFi network should not be used for accessing or transmitting inappropriate or offensive content.

4. Prohibited Activities:
a. Engaging in any form of illegal or malicious activity, including but not limited to hacking, distributing malware, or engaging in unauthorized access to computer systems or data.
b. Violating the privacy of other users or attempting to access or intercept data transmitted over the network without authorization.
c. Using the WiFi network to access or distribute copyrighted material without permission.

5. Enforcement:
a. Violations of this policy may result in the termination of WiFi access privileges and/or other appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including banning individuals from the café premises.
b. Dessert First reserves the right to monitor network traffic for compliance with this policy and to take action against any users found to be in violation.
c. Users who notice any suspicious or unauthorized activity on the network are encouraged to report it to Dessert First staff immediately.

6. Changes to Policy:
Dessert First] reserves the right to modify this policy at any time