Dessert First - Bank Street

Come join us for dessert first and Brunch!

1071 Bank Street, Ottawa

Tel: (343) 588-0434


  • Tuesday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm

  • Friday - Sunday 9am: - 5pm


  • Tuesday - Thursday: 9am - 2pm

  • Friday - Sunday: 9am - 3pm


Parking is available in the parking lot located at the c/o Sunnyside and Bank. There are two dedicated spots for Dessert First customers, and you also can use reserved parking spots that are not assigned to another businesses. 

Reservations and seating: 

Unfortunately, we do not take reservations. Most of the time, we have seating available, especially during weekdays. On weekends, we do recommend an early seating at 9 am for large groups. During busy periods, we also maintain a waiting list and we will contact you when a table becomes available. 

Due to limited seating capacity, we kindly ask that you respect our 90 minutes seating limit during our busy times.

About us: 

We produce everything in small batches and only use the best quality ingredients to ensure our end-product is exceptional. Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible and we make everything from scratch, even our graham crackers, and vanilla syrup. To minimize our environmental impact, we use biodegradable products and have a no waste philosophy.



We have delicious desserts, cakes, beverages and the best of all, we serve brunch 6 days a week. Our breads and English muffins are made in house and we serve it with only the best quality ingredients.

Please come and see for yourself.

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